2017. The Institute of International Education Travel Award to support the Entangled Urbanization: Capabilities and Informal Labour, Dignity and Deprivation conference, Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Conference Center. $22,000.

2011- 2014. UCSC Thumbs Up Award from staff member for chairing Sociology Department.

2005. Academic Senate, Committee on Committees: “Hero of the Academic Senate Award: Dragon Slayer – The Sequel.”

2004. Academic Senate, Committee on Committees: “Dragon Slayer Award.” Recognizing Senate resolution on ‘Cutting Ties with Elsevier’ which helped save UC several million dollars.


2013-2015. Co-Principal Investigator:  NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Grant to study Increasing Drought Resilience Under Climate Change.
Co-PI: R. Langridge, $293,299.

2012-2014. Co-Principal Investigator: NSF Grant to support workshop on Equitable Water
Governance. Funding from NSF Anthropology Program bringing participants from N
America, S America, Europe and India. Co-PIs: F. Lu and C. Ocampo-Raeder, $55,000.

2009-2012. Co-Principal Investigator: NSF CCLI #0837151 Sustainability Engineering and Ecological Design Learning Partnership (SEED-LP). Co-PIs: R. Lipschutz, A. Shakouri, M. Dupuis, S. Gliessman, $147,303.

2008-2010. Co-Principal Investigator: NSF CCLI #0817589. Renewable Energy and Engaged Interdisciplinary Learning for Sustainability (REELS). Co-PIs: A. Shakouri, C. Bacon, M. Dupuis, J. Kubby, R. Lipschutz, $150,000.

Professor of Sociology at UC Santa Cruz

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