Selected Publications


2011. Atlas of Global Inequalities. Co-authored with S. Lodha. University of California Press.

2001. Markets, Class and Social Change: Trading Networks and Poverty in Rural South Asia. London and New York: Palgrave-Macmillan.

1997. Sharing the Ganges: the Politics and Technology of River Development. 2nd edition. Sage Publications and University Press Bangladesh. Co-authored with A. Lindquist and D. Wilson.

Chapters in Books:

Forthcoming. “Water and poverty: pathways of escape and descent” in K. Conca and E. Weinthal (Editors), The Oxford Handbook on Water Politics, Oxford University Press. Co-authored with B. Swallow.

2007. “Social Dynamics of the US Environmental Challenge,” in Gordon Wilson et al (Editors), Sustainability, Open University.

2006. “Statistics,” in Roland Robertson and Jan Aart Scholte (Editors), Encyclopedia of Globalization. Routledge.

2002. “Water: gender and material inequalities in the global south” in Sustainability, Open University, Milton Keynes. Co-authored with J. Beall, S. Simon and G. Wilson. This is a teaching text for the Open University course U213, “International Development: Challenges for a World in Transition.”

Journal Articles:

2014. “What is water equity? The unfortunate consequences of a global focus on ‘drinking water.” Water International. Co-authored with M. Goff.

2014. “The colonial roots of inequality: access to water in urban East Africa.Water International. Co-authored with B. Dill.

2014. “The Santa Cruz Declaration on the Global Water Crisis.Water International. Co-authored with R. Boelens, F. Lu, C. Ocampo-Raeder and M. Zwarteveen.

2013. “Using GPS and recall to understand water collection in Kenyan informal settlements.Water International. Co-authored with J. Davis, S. Paterson and J. Miles.

2012. “Community organized household water increases rural incomes but also men’s work.World Development. Co-authored with B. Swallow and I. Asamba.

2010. “Access to water in a Nairobi slum: Women’s work and institutional learning.Water International. Co-authored with E. Odaba.

Professor of Sociology at UC Santa Cruz

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